A New Design for Education

As this video states from the very beginning, our world is changing. Nowadays, everything is done via internet: no more queuing at the bank to pay bills – there is the internet banking for that. There is no need to hurry up to buy those shoes you saw earlier or that dress because the shop closes at 7p.m. – You can use the internet to buy the same stuff, probably at a cheaper price anytime you want, the shops are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
But although internet and technology is used for almost everything, the current education system is barely making use of it. We know that now we can talk to someone abroad and we can receive a reply in a very short time. So, why can’t we use it in our schools so that our students will learn more by communicating with others from across the globe where students “connect to others anywhere in the world, creating learning networks where they can collaborate with peers, mentors and experts outside the classroom”?
The education system needs to be redesigned! We cannot change small pieces there and then … it needs to be redesigned – from scratch! The world is changing constantly. We cannot prepare children for the future but the least we can do is prepare them for the present. We need to make a new system where the different abilities of the students, excel. Students have a lot of potential, thus the educational system needs to provide the spark so that they stand out in what they do. By doing this, there is more use and diversity of talents, “ideas and passions to create a system where uniqueness is championed, strengths are multiplied and joy is a regular part of learning”
It’s time to get rid of the present system where “students are moved though the assembly line of great levels and all fitted with predetermined knowledge” and let them learn through diverse materials.



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